Nail Strengthener Recipe

Nail strengthener

This homemade nail strengthener oil is the best I’ve tried. It nourishes and protects weak brittle or peeling nails making them stronger and more resilient fast.




Simply pour the ingredients into a small bottle and shake to mix. A funnel will make the job easier.

Apply buy placing a drop on about two or three nails on each hand and rubbing on all your nails and cuticle beds. Refrain from washing hands for at least a half hour so the oil can fully absorb.  If you plan to apply nail polish, wait at least an hour before applying your base coat.

Application 1-2 times per day should be ample.


*I chose to use a 2 ounce despite the recipe only making a little over an ounce. This gives room to shake the oil, and a small amount lasts quite awhile. If gifting you may wish to use a smaller bottle, make sure it has a dropper or dabber though for easy oil application.

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