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Citrus Fresh Soap Recipe

Homemade Citrus Mint Soap Recipe


Orange Mint Soap recipe made with melt and pour soap and essential oils. A great beginner soap making project with attractive finished look.



1/4 lb clear glycerine melt & pour soap base

3/4 lb goats milk melt & pour soap base

3 tsp clementine dust , finely ground dry clementine peel, directions for making it here

60 drops of  Citrus Fresh essential oil blend or 45 drops orange & 15 drops spearmint

soap mold


  1. Cut the pour and melt soaps into small pieces (approximately 1/2" square, but don't be fussy about it).  Keep the two types of soap base separate.
  2. Place the glycerine soap in a microwave safe mixing bowl and zap for 30 seconds.  Stir and repeat in 15-20 second intervals until soap is melted.
  3. Add 1 tsp of clementine dust and 15 drops of Citrus Fresh essential oil (10 orange & 5 spearmint) to the glycerine soap and mix well.  Pour carefully into the molds, dividing evenly.
  4. Melt the goat's milk soap base, in the same method as above, then add 1 tsp of clementine dust and 45 drops of Citrus Fresh essential oil (35 orange & 10 spearmint).  Mix well, then top off the molds with it.
  5. Set the soap bars aside to cool.  Once cool pop out of the molds by pressing against the back until the soap releases.
  6. Soap is ready to use or gift.


*I used a tray mold of 4 (4oz) bars.

Note of caution: Do not exceed the essential oil quantity in this recipe, as too much of some citrus fruit essential oils could be reactive in sunlight. If you are using the orange and spearmint version this is not a concern. Orange oil is not phototoxic.