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Rose Bath Bombs

Rose Bath Bombs Recipe


Here is the easy DIY bath bomb recipe recipe to make these lovely fragrant and skin nourishing rose bath bombs. They make an amazing gift!




  1. Whisk together the dry ingredients: baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch.
  2. Add the rose absolute, rosehip oil and colorant. Mix these in very well. It may take a few minutes to ensure they are smoothly disbursed.
  3. Quickly whisk in 1/2 of the water. Test the bath bomb mixture by grasping a handful and checking to see if the mix holds together readily. You will probably need 1 tsp to reach the proper consistency, but humidity and other factors can effect this, so quality may need to be adjusted slightly. Whisk in more as needed.
  4. Drop a few dried rose petals on the bottom of each side of the bath bomb mold, then top with some of the mixture. Add a few more petals near edges as you fill the mold.  Gently press down on each side, then overfill each side before pressing them together firmly to create each bath bomb. Gently remove from mold and brush away excess from the seam, then leave out to dry overnight before packaging.
  5. Store your rose bath bombs in a sealed jar or package in shrink wrap bags to retain the fragrance.


I chose to skip Epsom salt and coconut oil in this particular bath bomb DIY. My focus was on creating a firm bath bomb with a strong focus on the beneficial properties of roses front and center. I found the rose hip oil and rose absolute provided plenty of oil for the recipe.