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wool dryer balls

Essential Oil Laundry Blends

  • Author: Beauty Crafter
  • Prep Time: 2 min
  • Total Time: 2 minutes


Skip the synthetic fragrance, and add these favorite essential oil blends to your wool dryer ball for wonderful fresh scent on your clothes!


Triple Citrus Essential Oil Blend

Equal parts.

  • lemon essential oil
  • grapefruit essential oil
  • Orange Essential Oil

Soothing Blend

Equal parts.

  • lavender essential oil
  • bergamot essential oil



Simply mix equal parts of each oil and store in a tinted bottle. Add a few drops of the fragrance to one or more of the wool dryer balls.


If you plan to mix up your own blends of essential oils for your wool dryer balls, just make sure to chose skin safe oils. Some can be irritating.