Rose Face Spray : DIY Moisturizing Facial Toner

Rose Nourishing Facial Spray

Moisturizing rose facial spray. I use this DIY facial mist daily.




  1. Pour rose hydrosol into glass bottle about 75-80% full.
  2. Add the rosehip oil and glycerin.  Shake well.
  3. Print and apply label. pdf found below
  4. For longest shelf life, store in the refrigerator.  Rosehip oil is degrades quickly in warm temperatures.

To use:  Simply shake a couple times and apply a few sprays to the face.


If you really need some extra moisturizing boost up the amount rosehip oil and glycerin a little.  I use a more concentrated bottle to mist dry skin areas after my shower. BONUS: this doesn’t irritate like most moisturizers shortly after shaving.  It helps lock in moisture until you can generously apply a regular body lotion.