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Zesty Lemon Soap Recipe

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Lemon Soap is a refreshing way to start any morning and this easy lemon soap recipe, with the zest of a lemon rind, is a great way to make your own glycerin soap bars at home. This is a melt and pour soap recipe, so no lye is needed. You don’t even need a colorant for this homemade lemon zest soap, the zest in it provides ample yellow tint for the bars, as well as visual interest and fresh lemon oil to brace the lemon essential oil used in the recipe. If you enjoy giving homemade gifts, this easy DIY soap is a great choice. It would certainly make a great birthday or Mother’s Day gift.
Lemon Soap Bar

Homemade Lemon Soap

This Lemon soap is easy to make at home. Melt and pour glycerin soap base makes the process a breeze. The other ingredients required are just a lemon to grate zest off of and some lemon essential or fragrance oil. I personally chose to get the lemon scent from an essential oil, but if you are mostly just worried about smell then a lemon fragrance oil listed as safe for soaps will do.

See the full lemon soap recipe below.

lemon soap

DIY Lemon Soap Benefits

Lemon glycerin soap is a refreshing bar to start your day off with and makes a great choice for anyone with oily skin or acne. I is not harsh at all though, so is also fine for anyone else. It just has added benefits for those skin issues. Not only is lemon soap pretty it is great for anti-aging, due to it’s high vitamin C levels. It also reduces excess oil and is great for reducing acne.



Lemon Soap Recipe with Zest

Lemon Soap Bar

A fragrant diy lemon glycerin soap. The soap features swirls of lemon zest in the naturally tinted lemon soap.

  • Author: Beauty Crafter
  • Prep Time: 10 min
  • Total Time: 10 min
  • Yield: 2 bars



  1. Place the glycerin soap and lemon zest in a microwave safe container preferably a large glass measuring cup. Microwave for 30 seconds, then check and stir with a chopstick or spoon. Remove when soap is just melted or very close to fully melted and stir.
  2. Allow to cool while stirring. This helps the essential oils not dissipate off to quickly while being mixed in, but don’t be to fussy about it. Some will dissipate, but much will remain and the flashpoint of lemon essential oil is lower than the melt point of the soap base so you can’t stop it completely. Fragrance oils generally are less likely to waft away, but don’t have the benefits of essential oil either.
  3. Pour the soap mixture into the silicone molds and set aside to cool.
  4. Once full cool, pop the soap bars out. Be sure to store them in an airtight container or package after to avoid loosing the lemon scent.
Lemon Soap - DIY Soap Recipe - Refreshing Lemon Zest soap makes a great DIY gift! #soap #soapmaking #crafts #diygifts #MothersDay #lemon
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