Homemade Shower Soothers: DIY Natural Decongestant Shower Tablets

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These homemade Shower Soothers are made with natural ingredients yet effectively ease the symptoms of a sinus infection.  This DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets recipe more closely mimics the the original than most aromatherapy shower tablet recipes I’ve seen. The essential oils were chosen specifically to ease sinus congestion and help both soothe  and open airways.

DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets

Shower Soothers

One of the most popular articles on my primary blog is a simple DIY Vick’s Shower Tablets recipe. Now, while most have had no issue with the diy recipe a few ran into problems or wanted alternatives to the glitter or vapor rub used in those tablets. I developed this decongestant shower tablet recipe version last year, but never got around to posting it… now that this site is up and we are going into the cold season, it seemed the time and perfect place to share.

DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets: Solutions

The original recipe was not created by me, rather a contributor. Once it became popular, I did try making a batch and while they worked fine in my shower, a few readers ran into issues.  My new decongestant shower soothers recipe solves those issues. As home remedies go, I’ve found these aromatherapy tablets to be quite effective. I’ve also given some to sick friends with great feedback.

  • The vapor rub used in that version made the shower floor oily for some readers. While I didn’t find that myself (I put it near the drain), it was obviously my number one concern… the new shower tablet recipe contains no oil other than essential oils, which evaporate into the steam of the shower. The shower decongestant tablets are actually quite dry after curing.
  • No Freezing: these decongestant tablets require no freezing step. This recipe is made more like a highly concentrated bath bomb.
  • Dissolvable, environmentally safe decoration. Nonpareils and/or sugar sprinkles are used to decorate these aromatherapy tablets rather than glitter. (You can skip them entirely if you prefer a more plain look for yours.)

DIY Shower Decongestant soothers tablets

Homemade Decongestant Shower Soothers: Holiday Version

Simply swap out the pearlized blue sugar sprinkles for holiday ones or festive nonpareils to decorate the decongesting shower soothers. Of course, the pressed shower disks could be decorated with any color sprinkles of your choice. A sick loved one would appreciate them no matter how they are decorated.

Natural decongestant tablets recipe

Wilton 6 Mix Holiday Sprinkle Assortment, ChristmasWilton 6 Mix Holiday Sprinkle Assortment, Christmas

Note: Though these DIY decongestant shower tablets are made much like a bath bomb, I do not suggest them for use in the bath. The essential oil concentration is purposely strong in order to create potent steam in the shower. Soaking in it would likely make you a bit smelly and peppermint essential oil in strong concentrations can be a bit uncomfortable on your… ahem… “delicate parts”. If showering is not an option, I suggest making the tablets roughly 1/4 the size and dissolving in a sink of very hot water. Inhale with a towel tented over you to trap the steam.

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DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets Recipe (Homemade Shower Soothers)

DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets

Easy recipe to make your own decongestant shower soothers at home and for gifts. A DIY natural remedy for sinus congestion. The aromatherapy tablets are specifically formulated to open passageways and sooth inflamed tissues.

  • Author: Beauty Crafter
  • Yield: 10 tablets (1/4 cup each, pressed into standard size cupcake liners)


1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/4 cup cornstarch
50 drops camphor essential oil
35 drops peppermint essential oil
35 drop eucalyptus essential oil
2 tsp water, try using a little less on humid days
Pearlized blue sugar sprinkles (or optional holiday sugar sprinkles or nonpareils)


  1. Mix together the baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch, then mix in the essential oils. Add the water while rapidly stirring to minimize reaction. Finally mix in a tablespoon of sprinkles. If using holiday sprinkles, do not add (color may bleed)
  2. Place ten cupcake liners in cupcake/muffin pan. If using Holiday sprinkles: Add sprinkles to bottom of each liner at this point. Scoop 1/4 cup of the decongestant tablet mixture and place in each liner.
  3. Press down mixture to create a relatively flat surface. Pay particular attention to tamping down the edges.
  4. Set aside to dry at room temperature for a few hours.
  5. Once dry and hard, remove each tablet from the liners, smooth off edges if needed, then store in airtight packaging such as shrink wrap bags or covered jar.


While these shower soothers should be strong enough, if you find a stronger tablet would benefit you, simply add a few more drops of each essential oil right on the tablets. It will simply absorb.

DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets - natural remedy for nasal and sinus congestion. #showertablet #health #diy #essentialoils #naturalhealth
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